Genomic Press: Bridging Neuroscience from Bench to Society

Welcome to Genomic Press, a paradigm shift in scientific publishing. Our initial focus will be neurosciences, including psychiatry and neurology as well as fundamental basic neuroscience. As we launch our operations, our mission is set: to form an all-encompassing bridge from molecular biology and genetic studies through clinical research, novel treatments, and clinical trials, extending to societal impacts, including epidemiology and population science.

At Genomic Press, we believe in the continuum of scientific discovery and its power to transform our understanding of the brain and mind. Our focus lies in cultivating a broad perspective of neuroscience that connects the intricate puzzle pieces from genes and molecules to the complexities of mental health, neurological disorders, and the societal implications of these conditions.

We pledge to foster an environment that nurtures breakthroughs, champions innovation and encourages discourse across the diverse spectrum of neuroscience. To this end, we are launching exciting new journals allowing researchers worldwide to showcase their insights and discoveries.

Our editorial process is designed to ensure swift, fair, and comprehensive peer review of all submissions. Guided by experienced senior editors, every manuscript will be meticulously evaluated for its intellectual merit, irrespective of the authors’ affiliations or geographic location. Our editorial team is committed to working closely with authors, providing them with clear and constructive feedback to enhance the quality and impact of their research.

Understanding the profound value of research visibility in today’s interconnected world, Genomic Press aims to maximize the exposure of authors’ work. Leveraging social media channels and press releases, we will spotlight your research, ensuring it reaches a global audience and contributes to scientific discourse at the broadest level.

At Genomic Press, we are not just a publishing house but your partners in scientific communication. As we gear up for our full-scale launch, we look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together, pushing the frontiers of neuroscience and contributing to improving global health. Join us as we work together to transform the landscape of scientific publishing.


Julio Licinio, MD, PhD, MBA, MS, FRANZCP, FAAHMS is the Publisher & CEO of Genomic Press. Dr. Licinio is also the Inaugural Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of our three journals, Genomic Psychiatry, Brain Medicine, and Psychedelics. In addition to his consecutive leadership of a center, a department, two institutes, and a medical school, he has maintained active programs of translational research on several fronts.

Dr. Licinio has over 30 years of experience as Editor-in-Chief, having founded and led four journals from inception to full indexing and hight impact. In the last seven years, Dr. Licinio has edited and published 44 articles by 9 Nobel Prize laureates, including 19 articles by the late Paul Greengard. Dr. Licinio raised the impact factor and rankings of the first journal he launched from non-existence to number 1 worldwide in 13 years.

Editorial Board

We have curated the Editorial Boards from among eminent international experts. Our Boards epitomize diversity in expertise, geographical representation, gender, and ethnicity. Please go the websites for Genomic Psychiatry, Brain Medicine, and Psychedelics for a detailed listing of each journal’s editorial board members and their affiliations. 


Ma-Li Wong, MD, PhD, is the Publishing Manager and Chief Operational Officer (COO) of Genomic Press. Dr. Wong has had over 300 publications. Her research has been continuously federally funded for 25 years in the USA and Australia. She has been a tenured Professor since 1999 and among other honors she has attained the position of State University of New York Distinguished Professor. She also has over 20 years of experience as Associate Editor, Senior Editor, or Managing Editor of three highly successful journals.

Unraveling Complexity from DNA to Brain Disorders

Genomic Press will redefine the narrative of medical research and its impact on society. Our focus extends from the intricacies of our genetic blueprints to the final manifestations of complex disorders. While every life story begins with the DNA, we are far more than just our genes. The final health outcomes in common and complex disorders represent the confluence of a myriad of processes. This includes not only genetic and biochemical factors but also metabolic and inflammatory responses. These biological phenomena occur in the backdrop of our interactions with a vast range of environmental exposures, from chemical agents to social influences. Our objective is to foster a broad understanding of these complex interactions. We aim to publish research along the continuum from genetic underpinnings all the way to the biological and environmental contexts that ultimately influence health and disease.

Launching New Journals in 2024​

We are thrilled to announce that Genomic Press, a pioneering new force in scientific publishing, is preparing to launch groundbreaking scholarly journals early in 2024!

Embarking on our mission to shape the future of genomics and related fields, we are pleased to introduce our forthcoming publications:

Genomic Psychiatry: Advancing Science from Genes to Society. This will be a broad journal publishing for cutting-edge research across the continuum from genes and molecules to society and public health.

Brain Medicine: From Neurons to Behavior and Better Health. We cover innovation in fundamental neuroscience, translational initiatives, and causes, outcomes, treatments, and societal impact of brain disorders, across all clinical disciplines and their interface.

Psychedelics: The Journal of Psychedelic Pharmacology. This will be the first medical and scientific journal exclusively dedicated as a state-of-the-art resource for the latest discoveries and advancements in the realm of psychedelic substances and their potential therapeutic uses.

These journals are more than just publications; they represent our commitment to facilitating discourse and collaboration within this exciting and highly promising scientific arena. We invite researchers worldwide to prepare for the submission of their high-quality research papers.

Our Open Access model will ensure that the vital insights you uncover are made widely available, breaking down barriers in knowledge exchange and maximizing the impact of your work.

More detailed information about each journal, including submission guidelines and editorial policies, will be available soon. Please stay tuned and visit each journal’s dedicated webpage through the links above for further updates.

At Genomic Press, we eagerly anticipate sharing these new platforms for scientific dialogue and discovery. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, charting new territories in genomic psychiatry and psychedelic pharmacology.

Welcome to the future of scientific publishing!

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